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Compliments & Thanks

There is nothing better than knowing we have enriched the lives of our residents and created special moments. Every day we receive wonderful notes and messages that speak to the quality of care we provide. We are always delighted to learn how we have helped and supported our residents and families.

Whether it’s a smile, a hand to hold, or sharing a cherished memory, our team at The Lodge is here to make each day meaningful.

Please tell us about a Lodge experience or give us feedback. We would love to hear from you.

Thanks! Message sent.


"Dear Dana, Carol, Doreen, Nicholas, Leonard, Zdenka, Linda, and all other staff on the first floor,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving Gwen a home in which she was safe and so well cared for in the last four years of her life. I was always amazed at how much everyone gave of themselves in looking after the residents, making sure all their needs were met and giving them something to smile and laugh about. South Granville Park Lodge is in a class of its own, and I'm so greatfull Gwen and I 9By association) were able to share in what was offered there. You all deserve gold medals for carrying on through COVID while still offering such wonderful care to everyone. I will miss seeing all of you, but I won't forgethow wonderful you have been and continue to be. Stay Safe and well.

Best wishes."

― Marie

"My sister and I would like to thank you and all the caring staff at Granville Park Lodge for everything you do to support our mother. It has been truly wonderful to see her flourish in a happy environment."
― Colin & Jane

"Ralph, Barbara and I would like to thank you all for the perfect care that our mom received. The Lodge was always spotless, the staff were always professional, attentive, kind, and loving and the food was excellent. Although mom could not take in many activities, I must say that I enjoyed them! Loved the music and often sang along and tapped my feet. Barbara and I enjoyed many a tasty meal in the dining room and chatted with the lodgers, families, and staff.

You made mom’s life and ours so much better. On behalf of the entire family, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to the staff of South Granville Park Lodge for the support."

― Donna


“I am writing to say how much we appreciate the care provided by all the staff at South Granville Park Lodge. I’ve been able to relax in the knowledge that mom is being looked after so well and with compassion, sensitivity and respect. You have a great team of people and I hope they will know how much they were appreciated. Many thanks to all the staff and to you personally.”

― Angie


I am writing you to express our gratitude for the loving care and support that my father and our family received over the past two and half years.  As you know, I encouraged my dad to move into South Granville Park Lodge after we spent several months visiting and researching assisted living opportunities in Vancouver.  Time and time again, we heard about the high level of nursing care you provide, and this was a major factor in the decision we made to make the Lodge my father’s home. I can only say how right our research was, and I thank, most sincerely, the nursing and care personnel for their exceptional support of my father. I am grateful for their open-minded approach to family involvement, and the comfort and reassurance it brought as we navigated the ever changing social, emotional and physical challenges of dads last few years.

However there was so much more that contributed to our experience in the Lodge. I am very grateful to the personnel of the recreation department. They went out of their way to enhance my father’s quality of life. Whether it was requests for chess games, or more classical music, or more evening events, such as the speaker series, their team always greeted innovation with enthusiasm and worked hard to bring an ever increasing variety of experiences to fill the long hours of the afternoon and evenings of the residents. Their smiling faces brought instant joy to any room.

Another aspect of our experience, I must mention, is the quality of many daily contributions made by the food service, housekeeping, maintenance and front desk personnel. They could not have been more caring or more helpful. Their work often goes on quietly, un-noticed, and I would like them to know that we did notice!

And finally, Deborah, I want to thank you and your administrative team for your support. From the day you welcomed us in, to the day we left, we could not have asked for any greater comfort as we traveled the last part of a life’s journey with my dad.”

Tessa, Peter & Family


“We want to thank each of you for the compassion and care you showed to Mom while she lived at South Granville Park Lodge. For us to be welcomed each time we visited by a front staff who knew who we were visiting was heartwarming. We felt good because we knew that she was being cared for by a group of people who knew her as a person not as a room number. To all the wonderful staff who greeted us by name each time we came, we thank you. Each of you taking the time to smile and speak to mom made her feel that people cared about her. Each of you that we met over the course of mom’s stay has enriched our gardens of life and we will be forever grateful. You have enriched our garden of life with your kindness, dedication and compassion.”

Ray & Eleanor

“Long overdue to commend you on the dedication of your staff – but, especially, K. Johnston. He has been consistently efficient, obliging, professional, patient and forever smiling. His help with moving Gene into his quarters in April was outstanding and made my stress melt away. His help when moving the piano was equally wonderful. He demonstrated his strength, skills and patience again in full force. Kevan is a rock in every way – a rock of strength and kindness – Gene and I are very grateful for his presence in South Granville Park Lodge.”

Eugene & Eva

“Thank you so much for your kindness and love over the past few years. You and your generous staff made all of our lives more loving.”

Donna & Janet

“I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for our father. He did feel at home here at such a difficult time and that is all thanks to your kindness and great work. With much love.”

Andrea and Michael

"We are so grateful to you all for your compassionate and patient care you gave to our Dad during his time at South Granville Park Lodge. You are all so efficient at your jobs and help make things run so smoothly. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”


“I have been struggling for over an hour trying to find the right words to tell you how wonderful I think the staff at South Granville Park Lodge are. In particular, I know of two instances of integrity and honesty in the face of temptation. There is also the patience and compassion that is delivered on a daily basis. There are the people on the front lines and those working in the background who we rarely see. As a whole, you have a great team. Everyone there deserves to be recognized and appreciated. Putting it into words is where I stumble. Please accept my thanks.”


“For the past 8 ½ years, all of you at the Lodge were so kind to my dad, and to my mother when she was here. Dad used to tell me about the little things staff did for him, it meant so much to him. In all my visits to see dad, I have noticed how patient, understanding, and compassionate all of you were. As some of you know my job in New York State was to inspect nursing homes. You all should be very proud of the Lodge, it would rate at the top. I cannot thank you enough for making dad’s last years comfortable and meaningful. You were like family. Dad cared for you all very much.”


“Thank you for the love, consideration and gentle encouragement you showed our mom, since her move to South Granville Park Lodge. My brothers and I (and our mom) were naturally a little apprehensive, wondering if this new home would be a success. You proved that the transition from independent to supported living can be a positive experience, allowing a person to explore new friendships and activities with confidence. Our mom was so very appreciative of the kind attention you showed her. And it was a pleasure and a relief to watch the improvement in her physical and emotional well-being; buffered from the strain of living alone. My brothers and I are very grateful to all of you who, each in your own way, helped ensure that our mom’s life at South Granville Park Lodge was satisfying, comfortable and happy.”


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