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Recreation & Wellness

South Granville Park Lodge is committed to enhancing the quality of life of all our residents. Our comprehensive approach to care ensures that physical, psychological and emotional needs are met in a safe and supportive environment while providing companionship and camaraderie.

Our Recreation Department offers a wide range of programming and activities to encourage and accommodate each resident’s preferences, interests and abilities. Programs such as weight training, chair yoga and music therapy are both fun and stimulating. Craft activities, painting workshops and our knitting club foster creativity while our inter-generational programs allow residents to connect with young students from local schools. Residents can enjoy gardening and the outdoors on our new covered patio or access the South Granville community with our daily Walk-a-Block program or wheelchair ride.

Holidays and special occasions at The Lodge are always accompanied by an array of talented artists, entertainers and musicians.

Residents with cognitive impairment enjoy a variety of orientation and music therapy programs as well as outdoor walks, one-to-one visits and specialized exercise. Our security system provides enhanced safety for all our residents while maximizing their ability to move freely within The Lodge.

Our mobile library service from The Vancouver Public Library provides a collection of talking and large print books every month for the reading pleasure of residents.

Interdenominational services are held the first and third Sunday of each month. Pastoral visits can also be arranged.

Craving chocolate? Our Tuck Shop supplies small treats and convenience items for residents and is conveniently located on the main floor, next to the front desk.

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