Dining & Nutrition

Delicious Choices, Healthy Living

Nutritional Excellence Meets Culinary Artistry in Our Resident Dining Services

A Dining Experience That Feels Like Home

Residents at South Granville Park Lodge are provided with the highest quality of food and service excellence. Let us take care of your nutritional needs and make dining a pleasurable experience.

Our delicious food is prepared from scratch, and residents will enjoy selecting from a variety of choices from our daily menu.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are served in our dining room where residents enjoy sharing a meal together in a warm and sociable setting. For residents who can eat independently, we offer in-room breakfast tray service to allow for a relaxed start to the day.

meat dish

Tailored Nutrition: Meeting Your Dietary Needs With Personalized Menus

Our Director of Food Service offers delicious, well-balanced, healthy menu options and ensures that specific dietary needs, either medical or otherwise, are met. Our Dietitian will counsel and assess the needs of each resident and menus will be offered to meet their specific requirements.

If you have a specific request, please do not hesitate to ask, and we will endeavour to fulfill your wishes to the best of our ability, embracing a resident-centric approach to dining and nutrition.

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