A Special Message

We are pleased to announce that The Lodge has been officially declared clear of COVID-19 by our Provincial Health Authority. For more information about our status and additional details about the COVID-19 virus, please refer to the Vancouver Coastal Health website at www.vch.ca. For updates on outbreak information, please visit: http://www.vch.ca/your-care/your-safety-privacy/infection-control/current-outbreaks.

Going forward, our staff and residents will continue to observe social distancing guidelines and safe health practices. We look forward to residents being able to leave the Lodge for leisure activities with their loved ones very soon. In the meantime, we welcome visits across our cheerful patio fence. To arrange a patio visit, please contact reception.

We will be carefully reintroducing our recreation activities at The Lodge so that residents can once again enjoy our art, music, and exercise programs. Our initial focus will be on our walk-a-block program to ensure residents enjoy exercise and fresh air.

Please be advised that this will be a gradual process and we appreciate your continued patience. Throughout these stages, the health of your loved ones will continue to be our top priority.

We are so grateful for our dedicated staff, our community and our supportive families and advocates. We look forward to many meaningful days ahead!

If you would like more information or if you have any questions, please contact Doreen Buksh-Khan, our Assistant Administrator, at doreen@sgplodge.com or Nicholas Candaele, our Director of Community Services, at nicholas@sgplodge.com.

Your South Granville Park Lodge team

Dear Families and Advocates,

June 17, 2020

Meaningful Days

South Granville Park Lodge has been serving seniors in our community for more than 50 years and is proud to offer the highest quality of senior's care in one of Vancouver’s premier locations. Located just one block west of Granville Street, The Lodge is surrounded by peaceful, tree-lined avenues and is close to all the amenities and shopping that South Granville is famous for.

Resident-centered, personal care is what sets us apart and our expert care providers are committed to promoting our philosophy of Meaningful Days, by ensuring safety, quality of care and enjoyment of life for all residents. Our family is comprised of residents, their care providers and their advocates who live, work and visit here in our home, The Lodge.

It is our vision that each resident experiences Meaningful Days by:

  • Honoring and continuing the resident’s life story

  • Forging respectful relationships with care givers and other residents

  • Supporting their abilities to be independent and express preferences

  • Living in a safe and healthy environment

Welcome to Our Family

Our Care Philosophy

The care providers at South Granville Park Lodge recognize the uniqueness of each resident, support the resident’s strengths and challenges, and provide care that promotes dignity, irrespective of cognitive and physical ability.

At South Granville Park Lodge, our care staff is well informed, reliable and team-oriented. We maintain a staff to resident ratio which exceeds licensing requirements, ranking us among the highest in quality of care in our industry.

Registered Nurses are on duty 24 hours a day. Nurses assess, plan, implement and evaluate the needs of each resident, and make care revisions in consultation with our Director of Care and the resident’s family physician. The nurses work closely with the resident’s physician, dietitian, podiatrist, physiotherapist, laboratory technicians, therapeutic recreation staff, mental health team consultants and all in-house health care providers, to maximize the resident’s overall well-being.

Residents receive gracious individual attention by well qualified personal care aides in all aspects of their personal hygiene, dressing and food requirements.

Our Extended Family

Our residents have family members and friends who care deeply about them. At South Granville Park Lodge, we welcome these important people as our care advocates and see them as part of our extended family and essential to our care philosophy of Meaningful Days.

The important role of the care advocate is to support the resident, especially through the transition process by providing a sense of comfort, familiarity and safety. The care advocate is also a link between the past, as a rich source of history and information about the resident, and the present. By sharing this link, both care advocates and care providers contribute to building and strengthening our family culture.

Through the open door policy at South Granville Park Lodge, we honour requests and feedback from our advocates through care conferences and service appraisals in order to effect change and encourage a relationship of trust and shared responsibility. Our staff endeavours to inspire and educate our care advocates by providing tools and resources which empower and support. Many opportunities for family gatherings are also created which allow us to celebrate milestones, mark holidays and spend quality time together.

South Granville Park Lodge

​1645 West 14th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia,  V6J  2J4

Email: sgplodge@telus.net

Phone: 604-732-8633

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